Blue & green cave tour​

Blue & green cave - shared tour

"Discover the true pearls of Adriatic"

Choosing this tour you will experience the beauty of one of the most unique natural phenomena in the world, the Blue Cave where the sun rays create a glowing blue light.
The tour starts at Hvar seafront from where we are heading to the islet of Ravnik. Don’t be surprised to see dolphins playing nearby the boat.
Our first stop is Green Cave, special for its emerald light, where we enter by boat and you get the chance to take a swim and explore the underwater world. If you like more adventure don’t miss the chance the jump off the cliff outside the cave.
If you thought you could not be more impressed by beauty of nature wait that you visit Blue Cave. It is situated on small island of Biševo from where the guides take you by boat inside the cave. Trying to describe its stunning beauty by words is useless, it needs to be seen.
Next stop is Stiniva Cove, a lagoon hidden between two huge cliffs. What to do there? Relax, enjoy, take a swim and dive….. just be amazed.
From here we cruise the coast of Vis island before arriving at the Paklinski island, a playful chain of woody isles, dipped in a clear, azure sea with number of little hidden bays. We will stop at one of the archipelago’s most popular bays, Vinogradišće at Palmižana, where you can enjoy lunch at seaside reastaurants and have a cocktail in lounge beach bar. After lunch you have some free time to take a swim and sunbathe.

10:30 Departure from Hvar Town
11:15 Swim break in Green Cave – short break for swimming inside the Green Cave on Ravnik Island
11:45 Sightseeing of Stiniva Cove – time for enjoying the beauty of one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe for 2016 while swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing or having a drink in the baech bar
12:45 Visiting Blue Cave – sightseeing of the biggest tour highlight and experiencing the outstanding beauty of the Blue Cave’s flickering light. As we arrive to island Bisevo, we stop at the Blue Cave’s docking site where visitors purchase tickets ( 100 kn ) and go to the boarding line to enter the small boat which will take you just around the corner into the Blue Cave.
14:00 Exploring hidden beach – depending on the queue at the Blue Cave and guests preferences we will visit one more beautiful beach – Lagoon of island Budikovac or Pritiščina – the smallest beach on the island of Vis
15:00 Relaxing on Pakleni islands – free time at the Palmižana bay where you can taste authentic Mediterranean cuisine in one of the seaside restuarants ( Bacchus, Zori, Toto’s, Laganini), have a cocktail and enjoy music in popular lounge bar Laganini or swim and sunbathe on the sandy beach.
18:00 Return to Hvar

Join HvarCruise’s most popular tour to make your vacation unforgettable .

First in the morning at Hvar seafront you will meet other participants of the tour and our experienced skipper. Your adventure starts when you board the speedboat and start the adventurous ride enjoying the sun and the waves.

Our first stop is Green cave on the islet Ravnik, known because of its gorgeous colour where you will get a chance to swim inside and enjoy the emerald light show. Our skippers will provide interesting stories and fun facts about the places you’re about to see so you can learn something new to tell to your friends beside the natural beauties.

After that, we are heading to another island – Bisevo, to the most popular attraction, the Blue Cave – one of the wonders of the Adriatic coast.

After reaching Biševo (Blue Cave island) we will disembark from our speedboat into the Blue Cave’s shuttle craft which will take us directly inside. You will have enough time to take pictures and enjoy silveryblue color

Having fun, enjoying your vacation and being able to see so many breathtaking locations in only one day is what this offer is all about.

It is not one of those boring sightseeing things where you have to be quiet and listen to long stories told by the guide that you know you’ll forget about as soon as you arrive home.

Taking this tour you will: experience adventurous speedboat ride, jump from the boat and cliffs, swim in beautiful locations, snorkel and explore underwater world, take breathtaking pictures, have a delicious lunch by the sea and most of all create unforgettable memory. It’s about the full experience which we aim to create through happy and cheerful ambient, flexible schedule and professional crew.

The best thing about this trip is that it combines everything for it to be the perfect combination of having fun, relaxing, swimming and exploring new places. Learning from our long term experience, it is specially designed and adjusted to fit every age and to provide just enough time in every place so you can see everything but not to be rushed. 

If you have one day and want to see as much as possible for your money, this is one of the best decisions you can make.

Blue Cave experience the outstanding beauty of world famous natural phenomena

Green Cave – swim in the emerald sea and explore underwater world

Stiniva Cove – relax, sunbathe and take a photo of the breathtaking beach

Paklinski island ( Palmižana) – cruise through azure bays of charming archipelago

  • Fuel and skipper
  • Lifejackets
  • Passenger insurance
  • Drinking water
  • Snorkeling gear
  • Icebox
  • Shower


Extra charge: Blue Cave entrance 70 HRK low season, 100 HRK high season, lunch (optional)

Extra charge: Green Cave entrance 50 HRK low season, 70 HRK high season

What to bring: towel, swimmsuit, sun hat, sunscreen, extra clothes ( long sleeve)

Notice: All tours are subject to weather conditions at the time of sailing. In the event of bad weather or rough sea conditions you will be informed of the situation as soon as possible, and changes might be made to your current booking if necessary

$95 / Person

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